Mihka’ilwitl (xantolo) Día de muertos, 2022

Identity and culture are necessary components to safeguard not only the traditions of a territory, but also for its community, political and social conformation. Based on the various dimensions in which a community can grow, as well as local responses to globalization phenomena, many geographies considered as original territories or with indigenous populations in resistance, have experienced socio-economic phenomena such as migration, displacement linguistic and cultural syncretism. The Tochan project is proposed as an alternative, from and for the community, that is part of intergenerational coexistence, as well as intercultural dialogue among its inhabitants. Based on socio-cultural animation, the exercises, workshops, laboratories and social practices promoted by the Tochan project will seek at all times to link and heal the social fabric. Thanks to the collaboration of Indigenuos Roots and friends who know the history of the Tochan Community, we continue to carry out our activities.

Project supported by the Living Memories call: Support for the management and promotion of community archives and museums, through the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico, through the General Directorate of Cultural Links and the government of Mexico City , within the framework of the priority project Chapultepec, Nature and Culture.

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