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About Us

We are a group interested in strengthening the customs, traditions, dances, ceremonies, traditional medicine, the Nawatl language and the culture of a Nawa locality where we find several indigenous communities in the Huasteca de Hidalgo.

This project was born since 2012 with sporadic activities through workshops for learning and strengthening the Nawatl language. From 2021 to date we have carried out activities uninterrupted every month, the activities are focused on different areas:

Tochan-milli – internal project focused on the revitalization of milpas, collaborative work hand in hand and self-consumption.

Tochan-art – internal project focused on the development of arts activities such as embroidery, chair weaving, palm weaving, traditional mental dexterity games, sporting events, Nawatl language workshop, etc.

Tocahn-mihtotilistli – internal project for the revitalization of the traditional dances of the region, learning to play regional instruments, and performing ceremonies.

All the workshops and activities are for the community of Los Puentes and neighboring communities, children, young people, ladies, gentlemen and grandparents.

This project advances thanks to the support of the organization Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center (MaryanneSergio Quiroz), and the collaboration in donations from colleagues, friends, and friends who know us and who appreciate their interest in keeping the culture of a people alive. 

If you are interested in participating or collaborating, you can contact us through this medium, also at and at tel: +52 33 3440 2337.

Generate spaces in the Nawa communities of the municipality of Huautla, Hidalgo, Huasteca for intergenerational community dialogue and initiatives for the transmission and continuity of the language, knowledge, and traditional knowledge of the arts and the land, transmitting them to the generations to strengthen identity.

The community of Los Puentes and neighboring Nawa communities in the Huasteca region lead and manage various community projects, the result and seedbed of established and effective processes of transmission of the language, knowledge, and traditional knowledge in the arts and the land, which revitalize and strengthen culture, identity, and self-sustaining community economy in a creative and innovative way.

Build, design and establish projects in a community-based and intergenerational way that take advantage of the language, knowledge, and traditional knowledge in the different spaces that the community itself provides.

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